Three Emerging Social Networks That Attract A Lot Of Attention Today

Social Media holds all the cards in the internet game

Social Media holds all the cards in the internet game

It is very common to immediately think about the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, especially if one has been on these sites for long. However, it can also be great to check out what is happening with social networking sites in order to know those that will make a great name in the future. Amongst the many emerging social networks, the following three are worth keeping an eye on.

Medium: A Promising Site for Bloggers

Medium started as a bloggers site

Medium started as a bloggers site

Medium was designed as a blogging site, conceived as an extension of Twitter. It has few but simple features, and you can create an account and start using it in no time. Although it was conceived to work in the same way as Twitter, where you can write stories or find interesting information that can be shared with friends with the click of the mouse, it is a promising website. Unlike Twitter, Medium allows users to write thoughts, stories, reviews or any other content in more than 140 characters and share them with the world. One of the things that will immediately arrest your attention is the stress on quality. Posts that are displayed on the site depend on the vote from readers. If your story or your post is of high quality and interesting to readers, they’ll vote for it. This could be one of the best places to attract the best traffic with quality posts. One interesting fact about Medium is that it was actually founded by the same guys who started Blogger and Twitter.

Sina Weibo: The Chinese Version of Twitter

This social network has been considered by many as the Chinese version of Twitter and it actually has twice the number of users on Twitter. It isn’t surprising that some celebrities and brands are joining this site. Pizza hut is amongst its good users. Tom Cruise has more than 4.2 million followers on this site. You may think that language barrier would pose a big problem to US from the west, but that is no longer a problem as there is a US version of the site called Transfluencer enabling English speakers to post on the site. As of now, 22% of the total Chinese population is using Sina Weibo. Today, you can use your Facebook account to sign up for Sina Weibo.

Whisper: An iPhone Add

Whisper was meant to tell secrets anonymously

Whisper was meant to tell secrets in the anonymity

This is an iPhone Application that allows users to post “whispers” or secrets anonymously. Others can read, react, or repost the whispers. It is surprising that more than 1 million users have already uploaded around 8 million whispers, according to Business Insider. Just recently, this application just received $3 million in funding. This could be one of the big applications that will soon invade the social networking world.

If you’re keen on social networks that can enable you or your business to create a powerful online presence, then these new social networks are worth keeping an eye on. It is true that you’ll find some emerging social networks out there, but when you consider the current developments, it could be interesting to think about where Twitter and Facebook will be in the next few years.

A Spark Is Enough To Reignite The Fire

Marriage is not the end of the flirting game

Marriage is not the end of the flirting game

Marriage is the most beautiful relationship between two souls where two people promise to be with each other through thick and thin, and love each other endlessly. A successful recipe of marriage has to have a lot of compromises, care for each other, respect and trust apart from love to make it work. However, there also has to be a dash or a lot of romance also to make it work. Romance might be easy in the first few years but may not dwindle after a few years. At this time, it is very important to rekindle that romance in the relationship.

No technology can replace some old styles

SMS, emails, Facebook can never replace the old methods of expressing love. A single rose still says a lot more than sending an artificial rose on her Ipad. No matter how much your wife says she does not believe in being given a rose always understand that every woman in the world still skips a heartbeat by getting a rose from a person she loves and if your spouse is a husband, dressing up for him still would make his heart pounce.

Element of surprise

Surprising your partner is the best way to ignite the fire again in the relationship. Surprise your wife by gifting her something unique. Just the though that you thought of them so much to buy something goes a long way in telling them that you still care. Similarly for woman, dress up for him in the bed to show that you do not need the world to dress up and you still like to dress up for your man. Surprise him by cooking a dinner from him. Keep finding new ways to surprise each other.

What happened to the dates and dinners?

Go out on a romantic date with your partner

Go out on a romantic date with your partner

A few years into the marriage and mostly you would have forgotten the style of dating your partner. The idea is never end your courtship. Messaging during the day tells the other person that you still love and care. Plan a date with your spouse and spend some “we-time” with each other. Plan a small holiday if your budget allows you. Make it a habit to go out for regular dates and dinners to keep the fire alive.

Listen more talk less

Everyone wants to be heard and one consequence of old relationship is that you have stopped listening to each other. You may be surprised but this alone can go a long way in igniting the fire of a relationship. Nothing is more special than your partner listening to you genuinely. It makes the other person feel special.

Find new ways to make love

The secret of a happy marriage is love

The secret of a happy marriage is love

This of course could be number one reason of a dwindling relationship. Find new ways to make love and do not make it a routine. Be innovative like you were probably in college and find new ways to make love to your partner. Even though you can read thousands of pages on it on net but the art is to do it spontaneously and listen to your heart.

These are just some of the ways to bring back the fire in the relationship. However, all of this can only be successful when there is a genuine effort. Secondly, understand it may not be easy to rekindle romance in marriage and may take some time before it comes back. Therefore, never give up and keep trying.

Sticking To Your Diet: The Secret Lies Within You

Losing weight is easy with the right diet regime

Losing weight is easy with the right diet regime

It is very common to see the weight loss aspirant brigade jump from one diet plan to another and quit the diet plan in between with the pretext of starting another one. All those who have been successful in sticking to their diet plan will say that the most important factor in sticking to your diet is nothing but you.

Listen to your body

In today’s time when there are numerous diet plans like the GM diet, south beach diet, or the new fast diet, it is very difficult to choose the right diet for you. Choose a diet that you can stick to and most importantly, a diet that may work in one set of climatic conditions, region and culture may not work in the other. Only your body knows what it needs. Choose a diet based on your health, body type, body clock and mental state. Choose a diet plan that you can stick to for a long time

Stay away from emotional eating

Don't fall into emotional eating

Don’t fall into emotional eating

Emotional eating is the number one cause of many aspirants to sway away from their diet plans. If you have been a victim of yo-yo dieting, you need to deal with stress. Some people tend to react to stress by eating more. Therefore, yoga, meditation and other relaxation exercises are helpful while sticking to a diet.

Build self-awareness

If you want to be successful, you need to build a lot of self-awareness. Before grabbing the next bite, ask yourself a couple of questions to ascertain whether you really need to eat it right now or is it an attempt to get rid of any emotions or stress. Secondly, eat food consciously. Do not indulge in casual eating while watching TV, or talking to someone on phone. Use all five senses while eating which helps in better assimilation of food.

Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy... Read a book  or do anything that keeps your mind of things

Keep yourself busy… Read a book or do anything that keeps your mind busy

During a diet plan, it is very important to keep yourself busy. Do not have a free time where you might think about food or get tempted to eat. Casual eating is one of the top reasons for weight gain. If you are feeling the temptation to eat, divert your attention by indulging into something else like listening to music, watching a movie or sleeping.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself on the weekend... Maybe eating chocolate

Reward yourself on the weekends… Maybe eating a little chocolate

If you have been sticking to a diet plan and it has given you some results at the end of the week, it is important that you reward yourself at the end of the week by indulging into a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a food of your choice. If you do not reward yourself, you will loose interest in the diet plan very soon or may burn out.

If you look at all the above points, you would realize that if you want to stick to your diet, all the answers lay within you. You need to take responsibility for your actions and results. Lastly, to stay away from the temptation of food, live in the present not in the future and not in the past. Just in the moment.

Numbers With Life Insurance

Get information about life insurance before you take one

Get information about life insurance before you take out a policy

Life insurance scheme need to be understood properly before investing in one. When does one really need an insurance and when does one not need it? Well if you are alone and have enough assets to provide for your existing debts you may not need to invest in Life insurance. If you have dependents but have assets which can cover your debts and provide for your dependents you may not need Life Insurance. It is only when you have dependents and your assets can surely not cover your debts and provides income to your dependents that you will need Life insurance.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract you sign with a Life Insurance company which ensures lump sum payment of money on your death to your dependents provided you have paid up all the premiums. There types of Life Insurance are – Term, Universal life and Whole life. Term insurance are for shorter period of time typically 10 to 15 years to tide some temporary shortcoming in your life. It could be for periods when you don’t have a steady income. Universal and Whole Life Insurance are permanent policies and provide full life coverage. However the Universal Life Insurance provides for varying premiums and coverage amount making it flexible for the insurer. Whole life insurance schemes calls for higher premiums.

Right time to invest in Life Insurance

Do you want to invest in life insurance?

Do you want to invest in life insurance?

Actually there is really no right time to invest in Life Insurance. Except that from the Insurance company point of view it is beneficial if the insurer is young and hence less likely to die and ends up paying a lot of money to the company as premiums. The disadvantage of investing in later years is that your dependents may not get a high return since the number of years of investment is low and hence you may end up paying higher premiums.

Factors to consider before you invest in Life Insurance

  • The total amount of debt you need to pay up. After your death this burden would fall on your dependents and hence they should have a source of money for the same.
  • Total income your dependents would need to live a decent life. This includes all their expenses and some savings to cater to emergencies.
  • Any future liabilities that you can predict at present. It could be an education loan for your child, marriage of your children etc.

There should be provision made for the above three components.

Online Help for calculations

There are online calculators to help you with that

There are online calculators to help you with that

There are a number of online calculators which help in estimating your Life insurance needs. Before using them be clear on all that goes into calculating Life insurance. Also remember needs may vary during different phases of your life. A lot depends on your varying incomes and expenses.


A sound financial planning is required to arrive at your Life Insurance needs. A financial consultant can help you with your investments and offer the right advice.

Are You Facing A Burnout? Ways To Know

You might be suffering from burnout syndrome

You might be suffering from burnout syndrome

If you are constantly feeling stressed out and feel lack of motivation in doing your work, you may be suffering from burnout. Burnout is a state of exhaustion and incompetence to carry out your work efficiently. In today’s time of extra workload, deadlines, targets and uncertain times, it is becoming more and more common for people to suffer from burnout. If you drag yourself out of the bed every morning, and would rather go to a dentist than work then you must do something about your burnout.

Burnout affects you emotionally

Emotional signs are the first to look out for when looking for signs of burnout. If you suddenly feel lack of motivation and have a lot of self-doubt, you might be on the verge of burnout. Additionally, you might feel helpless and feel alone in the world.

Psychological signs of burnout

Have you suddenly started getting irritated at your co-workers? Alternatively, have you started experiencing a mood swings a lot in past few days? And sometimes you are surprised at how you are reacting to certain situations. These could be possible dangerous signs of you burning out.

Your body is not lying

Feeling tired all day long?

Feeling tired all day long?

People who are feeling a burnout feel tired and fatigued during the whole day. They get up in the morning and feel like they would give up anything to sleep for a few more hours especially when you have slept for more than ten hours already. Additionally, you may be getting headaches, backache, sprains and other stress related sprains. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for you to get sleep even when you are tired. Lastly, your appetite is also affected when suffering from burnout.

Watch out for your relations

Have you experienced relationship problems with your spouse and loved ones off late. Does it make you feel guilty every time you turn down your kid to play a game with him or her? If you are suddenly, facing relationship problems with everyone around and finding it hard to keep every one happy it could be a burnout or you are heading for a burnout.

Facing behavioral problems?

You get Irritated easily

You get Irritated easily

Have you started drinking coffee too often and do not feel it having any impact on you anymore. One more sign and side effect that is dangerous as well is that you might have started consuming too much alcohol. Additionally, you have become a social outcast and do not like to socialize with people at all. Moreover, you have started withdrawing from your responsibilities as a mother, father, son, daughter, wife or husband. Lastly, you also have started reaching late for you work.

If you are facing symptoms as stated above, you might be suffering from burnout. Do not leave it, as it can get only worse. Take steps to come out of the burnout. Take a vacation with family and do not carry your office phone. Alternatively start your day with meditation and set your hours at work. Make sure you stick to that and do not bring any work home. Lastly, start enjoying life.